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Insight. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Insight. Anywhere. Everywhere.

As application architecture gets more and more complex, it is now impossible to handle it traditionally using silo monitoring tools and pointing fingers in “The War Room”. Our monitoring solutions cover end-to-end visibility from IT Infrastructure, Application, Network, up to End User point of view, powered by Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to quickly detect potential problems and identifying possible root cause before affecting business. Moreover, it is capable to see how system performance impacting business health via our Business Intelligence solution. These are available for On-premise, Cloud, and Hybrid environments.


Artificial Intelligence for
IT Operations


Infrastructure, Application &
End User Monitoring

Application Network Performance Monitoring​ by ISGS

Application Network Performance Monitoring

IT Operations by ISGS

IT Operation

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. It utilizes big data and machine learning technologies to enhance IT operations functions like availability and performance monitoring, event analysis and correlation, IT service management and automation. AIOps works with existing data sources, including the End User Experience, Application, Infrastructure (EAI) Monitoring, Application Network Performance Monitoring (ANPM), and more. All data from those sources will be processed and correlated by AIOps to provide anomaly detection, predictive analysis, noise reduction alert, root cause analysis, and many more.

Application Performance Management - AIOPS by ISGS

End User Experience,
Application & Infrastructure Monitoring

EAI (End User Experience, Application, and Infrastructure) Monitoring will give you a complete end-to-end monitoring of your services. It gives the visibility on how application is performing at the end user side, by tracking all the customer journey in the application to quickly help identifying issues. On the application, it will show performance of your internal application, by capturing all transactions going inside and outside of the application to help pinpoint the cause of performance degradation. And lastly on the infrastructure, it gives you the visibility of the infrastructure’s Availability and Performance to support your application health.

ISGS End User Experience, Application & Infrastructure Monitoring​

Application Network Performance Monitoring

ANPM collects network traffic data from variety of sources such as TAP, SPAN, dan virtual TAP. ANPM gives visibility of network traffic flows and performance; including finding the cause of any network failures that is impacting application performance degradation. It will show you the topology maps that helps you to see the relationship between application server and databases. With the ability of our network appliance, it is possible to capture and store full packets of traffic data for analyzing and troubleshooting.

Network Performance Monitoring by ISGS

IT Operation Analytics

IT operations analytics (ITOA) is an approach or method to collect, analyze, identify and report large & complex patterns/information data for IT operations for actionable business insights. ITOA is the deployment of analytics solutions in various IT operations to manage activities, such as Application Performance Management (APM), network performance management, infrastructure management, and real-time log analytics, among others. ITOA may apply big data analytics to large datasets to produce business insights. ITOA can help minimizing outages, Root cause analysis, Service prioritization, Predictive capacity management.

IT Operations By ISGS

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